Lucas Nussbaum pointed out that the weekly stats which Alexander Reichle-Schmehl used to provide are AWOL so I decided to take over.

As I am patently lazy, I hacked together a little helper in perl which outputs the page I am just adding to by writing this. It's a tad hackish inasmuch I don't bother to transform the HTML into anything and simply embedd it in the Markdown, but it's working well enough for now. In the medium term, I am hoping to add some nice graphs as per azhag's suggestion, but they didn't get back to me, yet.

A warning to anyone not subscribed to Planet Debian and reading this via a different aggregator: You will still see weekly stats from now on which may or may not be interesting to you. In case you object, please leave a comment or poke me directly.

The UDD bugs interface currently knows about the following release critical bugs:

  • In Total: 892
    • Affecting wheezy: 408 That's the number we need to get down to zero before the release. They can be split in two big categories:
      • Affecting wheezy and unstable: 265 Those need someone to find a fix, or to finish the work to upload a fix to unstable:
        • 64 bugs are tagged 'patch'. Please help by reviewing the patches, and (if you are a DD) by uploading them.
        • 9 bugs are marked as done, but still affect unstable. This can happen due to missing builds on some architectures, for example. Help investigate!
        • 194 bugs are neither tagged patch, nor marked done. Help make a first step towards resolution!
      • Affecting wheezy only: 143 Those are already fixed in unstable, but the fix still needs to migrate to wheezy. You can help by submitting unblock requests for fixed packages, by investigating why packages do not migrate, or by reviewing submitted unblock requests.

How do we compare to the squeeze cycle ?

Week Squeeze Wheezy Diff
43 284 (213+71) 468 (332+136) +184 (+119 ; +65)
44 261 (201+60)
45 261 (205+56)
46 271 (200+71)
47 283 (209+74)
48 256 (177+79)
49 256 (180+76)
50 204 (148+56)
51 124 (124+54)
52 115 (78+37)
1 93 (60+33)
2 82 (46+36)
3 25 (15+10)
4 14 (8+6)
5 2 (0+2)
6 release!
So, the total RC bugs number is rather large, and doesn't have any bearing on the release since it includes all of the RC issues in packages that were remove or never migrated to testing. Those aren't really any kind of concern, so I don't think its valuable to include that big number.
Comment by Michael 2012-11-03--18-06-37-CET

First bug I checked - UEFI support for Debian-cd on AMD64- solved in Debian-installer 7.0 beta 3 - bug is from Feb 2012 so could probably be closed now as the installer has evolved.

Hope this helps someone :)

Andy Cater []

Comment by Andrew 2012-11-03--18-11-27-CET