Last week's posting had the wrong week. Turns out the script always outputs week 42. As the weeks were so close to each other, I didn't realize this at first. I fixed this by hand for this posting and will have it fixed upstream by next week.


I have put a lot of thought into when to publish this. Friday so it's before the weekend? Sat/Sun so it's during the weekend? Monday so it's at the actual start of the week (sorry, people from the U.S.)?

Feedback welcome, assuming anyone cares.

The actual gist

The UDD bugs interface currently knows about the following release critical bugs:

  • In Total: 915
    • Affecting wheezy: 425 That's the number we need to get down to zero before the release. They can be split in two big categories:
      • Affecting wheezy and unstable: 291 Those need someone to find a fix, or to finish the work to upload a fix to unstable:
        • 58 bugs are tagged 'patch'. Please help by reviewing the patches, and (if you are a DD) by uploading them.
        • 22 bugs are marked as done, but still affect unstable. This can happen due to missing builds on some architectures, for example. Help investigate!
        • 220 bugs are neither tagged patch, nor marked done. Help make a first step towards resolution!
      • Affecting wheezy only: 134 Those are already fixed in unstable, but the fix still needs to migrate to wheezy. You can help by submitting unblock requests for fixed packages, by investigating why packages do not migrate, or by reviewing submitted unblock requests.

How do we compare to the squeeze cycle ?

Week Squeeze Wheezy Diff
43 284 (213+71) 468 (332+136) +184 (+119 ; +65)
44 261 (201+60)
45 261 (205+56)
46 271 (200+71)
47 283 (209+74)
48 256 (177+79)
49 256 (180+76)
50 204 (148+56)
51 124 (124+54)
52 115 (78+37)
1 93 (60+33)
2 82 (46+36)
3 25 (15+10)
4 14 (8+6)
5 2 (0+2)
6 release!

I believe that Friday is the best option:

  • historic reasons: Alexander has been publishing his reports on Friday, why change that?
  • Debian has a tradition of releasing on a weekend, so Friday is the last day before the release. You could post last report on Saturday morning, but I still believe that Friday is better.
Comment by PaweĊ‚ 2012-11-10--10-29-40-CET