...my hats are amazing, give them a lick, they taste just like raisins...

I gained two new hats, recently:


On 2013-01-24, I became a Debian Maintainer. This should allow me to annoy bremner less often with sponsor requests (thanks for all that work).


After carrying lots of stuff around in the past and volunteering for the token sale at last year's beer event while also holding two lightning talks, I became a proper staff member early this year. Doing what I do at my dayjob, I am focussing on RIPE interfacing and backbone/networking in the broader sense.

Well, and OCDing on the booklet for the last few hours ;)

So yes, "I am going to FOSDEM"; see you when I sell tokens for what, other than the cactus beer, basically amounts to sweet lemonade.

Comment by Raf 2013-01-29--18-34-34-CET