This January, I held an updated version of my "Gitify your life" talk at sage@guug, which is the Munich chapter of the German Unix User Group. Once again, it was quite successful and turnout was about three times that of normal attendance. Afterwards, I was asked if I would be willing to hold the same talk at the German Unix User Group's Spring Meeting in 2014 as the programme for 2013 has been finalized for quite some time, already. Obviously, I said I would be willing to do that and will submit the talk once registration opens.

Open Source Days

By the way, I am writing this post from a hotel room in Copenhagen. Tomorrow, there will be a world first...

"Gitify your life" will not only be held as a talk, it will be expanded into a full three hour workshop (with the option of extending it if there's interest as the room will be free after my workshop).

Having never held a workshop of this scope, I am really looking forward to this experience. Besides enabling me to get people up and running with their personal data, this will allow me to see where new users are having issues with vcsh.

I keep hearing of people not getting their heads around the concept easily, but no matter how many promises of updates to my docs I get while helping them, no one really follows through with that promise once they know how to use vcsh. Maybe I will find someone willing to follow through and/or simply gather enough material for docs 2.0.

Your place?

As an aside, and I will probably try to put a real announcement together as well, if you know of a conference, user group or other place where a lightning talk, a full talk, or a workshop about one or all of these topics would fit, please let me know. I will gladly submit proposals to or accept invitations from most places as long as I can spread this message. Especially if the venue happens to be reasonably close to Southern Germany, covers travel cost, or if they can guarantee video recording of the talk.

Joey Hess has speculated if the talk isn't really called "git naked" as I seem to keep on giving that particular talk at venues which don't have video recordings. Please help me make Joey happy...

...with a video recording, I mean.

There are other sage@guug groups, for example in Berlin.
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