Finally.. My bee box has arrived. Initially I had planned to build it myself, but with current time constraints and in light of the fact that the commercial variant is built in a sheltered workshop, I decided to go for a pre-built one.

The bee box is designed to give bees a natural habitat and allow them to get through the winter without the need for artificial sugar. Harvest is limited to about 15 kg in a good year as opposed to up to 50 kg in commercial beehives, but this method of beekeeping is less stressful for the bees. The trick is that there are two sections in every bee box; starting in the second year, you open the second section as soon as the bees have started to run out of space. As that's done relatively late in May, the bees will mainly build honey-only non-larvae honeycombs. During harvest, you remove only those secondary honeycombs; as a result, the bees will not need to defend their larvae and thus be a lot more relaxed.

As those bees are under supervision of a human with access to oxalic acid, it's trivial to protect those bees against infestations by varroa destructor and to keep them safe form mice during winter. Bees are incredibly important for nature's cycle, so this is a hobby with a lot of positive impact on your local flora, and subsequently fauna. And hey.. free honey!