Can we stop pretending that defaulting to pdiffs was ever a good idea, now?

# aptitude update
Get:431 testing/main 2013-11-27-1437.17.pdiff [46 B]
Fetched 2.445 kB in 9min 15s (4.401 B/s)

# aptitude -o Acquire::Pdiffs=false
Get:17 testing/non-free Translation-en [69,4 kB]
Fetched 616 kB in 7s (85,7 kB/s)

… the increased load – especially on the server – after installing and using apt-transport-https, for all those pdiffs…
Comment by mirabilos 2013-11-28--11-21-57-CET
See bug #372712
Comment by Mike 2013-11-28--11-54-59-CET
That APT repository is configured incorrectly: as of many years ago, tools like reprepro were updated to generate "merged" diffs that took you directly, with a single pdiff, from the file you have to the file you want. If you are seeing APT downloading hundreds of pdiff files, complain to the administrator of the repository (and yes, it is hilarious if this is a Debian core repository, but clearly they are doing something wrong if you are seeing 400 patch files being downloads), don't argue that the feature of APT should be removed or turned off by default: we are using pdiff files in the Cydia community (which is based on APT), we use the feature with merged precedence, and despite repositories pushing new updates often many times a day, the result is that instead of having to download a 1MB file every update users only ever have to download a single patch file as long as their last refresh was any time in the last couple months (as we generally keep months of patch files lying around).
Comment by Jay 2014-01-17--07-38-56-CET