In February, Linux Magazine contacted me, asking if I would be willing to accept the Linux New Media Award 2014 in the main category "Outstanding Contribution to Open Source/Linux/Free Software" on behalf of the Git community due to my involvement with evangelizing and vcsh. Needless to say, I was thrilled.

I managed to poke Junio via someone at Google and he agreed. We also reached out within the German Git community and two maintainers of git submodule, Jens Lehmann and Heiko Voigt, joined in as well. While we didn't manage to hammer out interoperability issues of vcsh and git submodule due to time constraints and too much beer, we are planning to follow up on that.

Git beat OpenStack, Python, and Ubuntu by a huge margin; sadly I don't have exact numbers (yet).

More details and a rather crummy photo can be found in Linux Magazine's article. A video of the whole thing will uploaded to this page soonish. If it appears that we kept our "speech" very short, that was deliberate after the somewhat prolonged speeches beforehand ;)

The aftershow event was nice even though the DJ refused to turn down the music down to tolerable levels; his reaction to people moving father away, and asking him to turn down the volume a bit, was to turn it up... Anyway, given the mix of people present during the award ceremony, very interesting discussions ensued. While I failed to convert Klaus Knopper to zsh and git, at least there's a chance that Cornelius Schuhmacher will start using vcsh and maybe even push for a separation of configuration and state in KDE.

The most interesting tidbits of the evening were shared by Abhisek Devkota of cyanogenmod fame. Without spilling any secrets it's safe to say that the future of cyanogenmod is looking extremely bright and that there are surprises in the works which will have quite the impact.

Last but not least, here's the physical prize:

Glass trophy held by your's truly