I have held several talks over the years; this is an incomplete list of them. I may or may not add old talks as I find slides, notes, dates, etc. from the past.

Tech talks

Bacula Konferenz 2010 - "Quo Vadis bvol"

FrOSCon 2011: "From zero to Openstack - Deploying Openstack for fun and profit"


"vcsh - manage config files in $HOME via fake bare git repositories"

"git-annex - manage files with git, without checking their contents into git"

Open Source Days 2012: "Gitify your life"

sage@guug Munich 2013: "Gitify your life"

Open Source Days 2013

Workshop "Gitify your life"

Talk "Gitify your life"

LinuxTag 2013: "Gitify your life"

Debconf 13

Talk: "Gitify your life"

BoF: "Gitify ALL the things"

BoF: "Gitify EVEN MORE of the things"

BoF: "Gitify HOPEFULLY FINALLY ALL of the things (Third BoF)"

BoF: "Unnamed, but also about Git"

  • No linkable talk info

LinuxCon EU 2013: "Gitify your life"

FOSDEM 2014: "The FOSDEM network - What is NAT64 and DNS64; and why should you care?"

DENOG6: "DebConf15 in Germany"

FOSDEM 2015: "Closing Talk"

  • Video: Not yet uploaded

shackspace 2015-02-16: "Routing 101"


Linux-Magazin 07/2014: "Konferenz-WLAN"


GitMinutes #13: Richard Hartmann on Managing Your Homedir with vcsh



Third-party talks