Debian on Mac mini 7,1

Dear lazyweb,

last week, I managed to make a Mac mini 7,1 unbootable by trying to install Debian on it.

While I have to commend Apple on the built-in restoration process which allows you to reinstall OS X without anything usable on disk, I still happen to prefer Debian.

I ysed the weekly testing image to install, the Mac’s firmware is up to date, and I did keep the EFI partition. Yet, after “sucessful” installation I don’t even get into Grub and merely see what seems to be a hex & ascii dump of the MBR.

Poking around the various howtos on the Internet, I see that some magic might be needed after I get into Grub. Problem is, I don’t even get that far.

So if anyone knows how to do this, I would appreciate feedback very much :)